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w2 help

I received 3 w2s from one employer. The only problem is, only one of them is completely filled out. The other two are only filled out boxes 18-20. I have already tried filing them seperately as well as together. They cant be filed halfway blank, nor with the same information more than once. I got error messages every time. Can anyone assist me on what I need to do? It would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you in advance. 

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Re: w2 help

Hello 92614!


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When an employer supplies an employee with multiple Form W-2s, it is typically because there are withholdings for multiple states or localities, as indicated in boxes 15-20. Because you only have state information on one of the W-2 forms, you will need to add an additional state in the program to add the additional locality tax from boxes 18-20.


  1. Add the state as it is indicated on your first W-2 and fill in the corresponding boxes. If boxes 18-20 are blank on the first W-2, use the information from the second W-2 to fill in those boxes.
  2. Then you will select the option to add another state.
  3. Fill in the same information for box 15 (state and state employer ID) and  enter "0" in boxes 16 and 17, if they are blank on the next W-2.
  4. Then you can add the information from boxes 18-20 regarding your locality tax.


You can then continue to add states and repeat the same steps until you have entered in all of the locality taxes. Remember to only include the information from boxes 16 and 17 one time to avoid your income being doubled on your state return. 


Entering in the "0"s should resolve the issue of leaving boxes blank so that you are able to continue with your return.


If you have any further questions, I'll be happy to help!




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