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premium software and 1099 misc help

So I live and worked in MO and received a W2 from MO, which is all fine and good. but I also was a coach in KS (a state I don't live in) and received a 1099 misc for this work. I bought the premium tax software and had no problems entering this into federal and also had to buy a second state when I was trying to enter everything into KS because I had already used my one free state for my MO taxes. and now that I transferred everything over to KS my 1099 isn't showing up, and its the only reason I really need to file in KS! so now I'm confused if I even need to file my KS state taxes with this form or what, because as far as I can tell there is no where in the KS program for me to enter this form and it isn't transferring over from my federal. any help is much needed!!

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Re: premium software and 1099 misc help

Hello SSC01256,


According to the information you've provided, it seems you are using the H&R Block desktop/downloadable software.


If your 1099-MISC income was reported on Schedule C, then when filing the KS nonresident return, under the KS income section, get to a screen called "Business Income (Schedule C)" and enter the amount being shown in the instructions on that screen. So, that way the 1099-MISC information is being reported on the KS nonresident tax return.


To do that in the desktop/downloadable tax software, follow these steps:

  1. Open the tax return file
  2. Click State
  3. Find Kansas
  4. Click Prepare State
  5. Click Income
  6. Find Part-Year/Nonresident Income
  7. Click Go To
  8. Click Next button slowly until you get to the Business Income (Schedule C) screen.


As an alternative, you can enter the amount in the State Allocation Worksheet for this KS nonresident return by using the FORMS menu. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the tax return file
  2. Click FORMS. This will be located between "Take me to" and "New/Open"
  3. Click [KS]
  4. Click Show All Forms option
  5. Find State Allocation Worksheet
  6. Double click State Allocation Worksheet (Allocation of State Income and Adjustments)
  7. Scroll down to find the line for "Business income or loss"
  8. Enter the dollar amount shown under the "Federal Amount" column into the "Amt While Nonresident" column.
  9. Click Close Form or Close X to exit the "Forms Central" window.


If you happen to be using the online tax program, get to the KS nonresident return screen called "Part-Year and Nonresident Income Allocation" and find the row for "Business income or loss" and re-enter the amount in the Kansas Source Amount column.  To get to this screen in the online program, follow these steps:


  1. Click State
  2. Find Kansas
  3. Click Continue
  4. Click Go to the last screen I completed
  5. Click Next
  6. Click (Income)
  7. Click "Part-Year and Nonresident Information"
  8. Then, you will be on the "Part-Year and Nonresident Income Allocation" screen to allocate the dollar amount for this item in the KS nonresident return.





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