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paid $9.99 to get copy of 2015 tax return and got 2016 instead.

I need to get a copy of my 2015 tax return and when I follow instructions it said I had to Purchased the copy so again I followed instructions and paid the $9.99 for 2015 taxes and what came up was my 2016 which I already have. Won't give me what I paid for.  I tried calling the 2 help numbers only got an automated voice would not put me through to a live person, so I called a local branch talked to a real person and explained what was going on and he said he had to switch me to another service center. Low and behold had to wait only to have an automated voice tell me my call could not be connected to try again.  So I guess I am out $9.99 because H&R Block can not get me what I need and I can't get through to a live person to either get my money back or get what I paid for in the first place 2015 taxes.  Not happy.

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Re: paid $9.99 to get copy of 2015 tax return and got 2016 instead.

Hi sportsqueen1951,



Welcome to the H&R Block community.


You can get a copy of your tax return for free through the IRS.  You can also get one for free through MyBlock if you completed your tax return online or in an H&R Block office.  In MyBlock your tax returns are located under "tax history".  The only way you wouldn't have access to PDF files of them is if you didn't pass the security check.


To get your tax returns through the IRS just visit and request your tax return transcripts.  Pass the identity/security check and your return transcripts will be made available instantly online.  Your tax return transcripts contain all of the information from your Form 1040, line-by-line.  Banks & educational institutions will normally accept your tax return transcripts in lieu of the actual return because they are an official tax return document from the IRS.


You can get also get a free copy of your tax return transcripts by mail by completing and mailing Form 4506-T to the IRS.  This takes between 2 and 4 weeks.


As far as what you paid H&R Block goes, I would assist you further with that if I could, however only H&R Block's support agents at 1-800-HRBLOCK are allowed to access the different systems to check on things for you and only they can authorize refunds.  You're welcome to call them if you would like and I would recommend doing so since you didn't get what you paid for and are due either a refund or a copy of the correct tax return in my book.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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