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new jersey, govt employee, box 14, code "SUI/HC/WD"

Hi, my wife is a govt employee (works at a school). On her W2, box 14 lists a few things and one of them is "SUI/HC/WD", and H&R online filing doesn't list this in the drop-down. What do I do?

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Re: new jersey, govt employee, box 14, code "SUI/HC/WD"

Hello holt1984,


Welcome to H&R Block Community.


If you are using the H&R Block online product, if there is any box 14 item not found in the W-2 Wages screen, you can use the code "other" for that and then enter the dollar amount. If you need additional boxes for the Box 14 entries, there should be an [Add Item] button to click on to create additional rows of boxes for these box 14 entries. If you are using the H&R Block desktop/downloaded software, you can use the code "Other" for this specific box 14 item. If need to make an additional entry for box 14 items, the instructions in the desktop/downloaded software states, "If you have more than 4 box 14 entries, combine any entries for which you'd choose Other (not listed) from the drop-down list." Or, in other words, select the code "Other (not listed)" and enter a combined dollar amount of any box 14 entries whose code is not shown in the box 14 drop-down list for codes.


If you have any additional questions, I'll be glad to help.



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