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efile + attachments

Some states require personal income tax returns to be efiled. However some individual's returns require attaching one or more federal schedules.  The question is: How do I attach a federal schedule(s) to an efiled state return?  If HR Block believes it is automatically included, how can I confirm that, as the federal schedules are not included if I print a state return?

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Re: efile + attachments

Hi cablepool,



Welcome to the H&R Block community.


Your best bet here is to mail the federal forms that your state needs to your state department of revenue.  All states that impose an income tax have a mailing address that you can send tax returns & forms to, including New York which is the one that I've seen the most questions about.  New York for example prefers e-file but allows you to mail your returns & attachments when e-file is not possible for any given reason.


I'll get you the mailing information for your state if you would like.  Which state are you from?


The state return that you see when you go to print your tax return in MyBlock is exactly what the state sees, except they receive an official copy that doesn't have watermarks on it.  The software submits the return that you completed in the software.  I don't believe it will send the state any information from your federal return, however you are welcome to call support at 1-800-HRBLOCK and ask about that.  A support agent will have that answer.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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