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Unreimbursed Partnership Expenses (Schedule E Line 28)

I have unreimbursed partnership expenses (business use of home) to report, which should go on Schedule E, Line 28. But H&R Block has already filled all four blanks there (letters A through D) with:

A. Partnership name

B. Guaranteed payments (health insurance)

C. Partnership name, spouse's share

D. Guaranteed payments (health insurance, spouse's share)

So there are no more blanks. According to the instructions, it seems like H&R Block should've put A&B on one line and C&D on another line, but I can't override without disabling e-file.


How can I add another row for these expenses?

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Re: Unreimbursed Partnership Expenses (Schedule E Line 28)

Hi isotherm,


Your best bet on this one is going to be to call support at 1-800-HRBLOCK as we do not have access at the community level to go into the desktop software and troubleshoot things for you.


If you're using the online software I may be able to assist you.



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Re: Unreimbursed Partnership Expenses (Schedule E Line 28)

I called them and after an hour on the phone, they could not tell me what to do other than override and mail it.  They were really useless.  No resolve.

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Re: Unreimbursed Partnership Expenses (Schedule E Line 28)

This has been a problem since day one with their software.  If the software is going to ask you if you have this particular line item (and it does!), then there should be a place for you to populate it WITHOUT having to go to Schedule E and override it, which then prevents your ability to e-file the return.  

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Re: Unreimbursed Partnership Expenses (Schedule E Line 28)

There is an easy workaround for this situation.


Caveat - make sure you are allowed to claim unreimbursed partnership expenses.  If the partnership agreement does not indicate that you are responsible for these expenses, you are not allowed to deduct them.  The partnership must reimburse you for them.  


Assuming you can deduct them, create a new K-1 in the software.  For the name of the partnership, use UPE (unreimbursed partnership expenses), use the same EIN as the original K-1 for this partnership.  Also make sure the general/limited matches the original.  It should probably be general or you wouldn't have partnership expenses to deduct.  Then enter the amount of the expenses as a negative number in box 1, and make sure it's non-passive.  If this partnership is self-employment for you, enter the same amount as a positive number in box 14.  Do not answer any other questions for this K-1.


This will create a new row on line 28 of Schedule E, which will appear on the form Schedule E Part II Attachment if there are already 4 rows used.