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DIY Products

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Tax Software

I purchased the Deluxe+State Software for 2016.  I have updated the software with the 2017 update.  Will I be able to use this same software to complete my 2017 taxes or would it be better for me to just purchase the software each year?

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Re: Tax Software

Hi almost,




You cannot use 2016 software for 2017 or any other year.  You will need to purchase the 2017 software or file online with the 2017 online software.


The update would have included repairs to things that were malfunctioning and/or changes imposed by new tax laws that affect that year.  There is at least one thing that I can think of with regards to the 2017 tax law, and that's a change to the casualty loss deduction that is retroactive to 2016.




If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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