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Reject code

I have a return rejected for SA-F1040-022 which pertains to Sch A medical deduction. The taxpayer had no medical deductions at all and I don't know how to resend the return based on trying to correct an error that shouldn't exist. Is this a system glitch?

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Re: Reject code

Hi DianeKM,




Welcome to the H&R Block community.


This code indicates a mismatch between your Schedule A deductions total and your total deductions reported on the 1040.  The amount on the 1040 must match either your Schedule A total or your standard deduction total.


If you do not have enough deductions so that your Schedule A deductions total is greater than your standard deduction amount then remove Schedule A from your tax return.


If you are a single taxpayer then your standard deduction amount is $6,350, for a head of household it is $9,350, and for married taxpayers filing jointly the standard deduction is $12,700.


Note that some forms in the software are being worked on, so this may be something that the update tomorrow or the second update on the 27th will fix.  I would try to re-file on the 28th or 29th if you think it may be a glitch.  Also, the filing season does not actually start until the 29th.




If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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