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Re: I would like to get my money back from H&R Block

I would like to get my money back as well. Please help me get. I need to file a 2014 ND state tax return and have a Mac computer. I bought the H&R Block 2014 North Dakota - Mac based on H&R Block information it would work. I paid $43.00 for it this morning to H&R Block and followed the download instructions. When I went to install, the Terminal window popped up and says only Last login: Sat Nov 25 11:34:29 on ttys000

Test:ND.TCstate14 username$. 


Based on what H&R Block said, I thought I needed then to download H&R Block 2017 Mac Basic Federal and right-click on the North Dakota one to make it work. I paid an additional $21.48 to get that software. I downloaded it, followed the instructions to register it, etc., and then tried to open the North Dakota one by right clicking. An H&R Block error message immediately popped up saying "The tax return you have selected cannot be loaded due  to the following error: readTaxDataStore: Attempting to read a prior year's file format You should update the program and try again after the  update completes.  You may update at any time by  selecting Update The Program from the Tools menu." I have done any updates and tried time after time to make this work. I have followed all directions completely and done everything again and again to no avail.


I am so frustrated I am going to cry. I do not have a lot of money at all and spent over $60 this morning that I really can't afford for software that doesn't work. Please, please refund me for this useless H&R software. I followed all the directions right and feel I was misled. It is not okay to do this to people. Please give me a refund or help me asap make this work.


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Re: I would like to get my money back from H&R Block




Welcome to the H&R Block community.


My suggestion for you is to call support at 1-800-HRBLOCK and request assistance with the software, as well as a refund for the federal software.  You more than likely need the 2014 federal software for a 2014 tax return.  The H&R Block software generates the state return from the federal software and, like most tax softwares, it will not e-file the state return unless you e-file the federal return first through the same software.  That's why it wanted you to download the federal software too.


Because we are all volunteers at the community level, even those of us who otherwise work for H&R Block, there's nothing that we can do other than point you in the right direction, however I would help you further if I were able to do so.  Only a support agent can authorize a refund and they do have software support, so that's why I'm directing you to the support line.


You might want to make sure that any firewalls on your computer are turned off so that the computer can communicate with H&R Block.  Also, make sure that any external disk drives, etc. are disconnected.  These have been found to be common causes of the type of issue you're having.


Another option you might consider if all else fails is filing through your state department of revenue's website.  Most states offer free file for their state through their website without having to have federal tax return software.  Note that because this is a prior year you will have to print and mail the tax return, but most states will still have the forms for the year you need available for free on their site.  I can help you find your forms if you can't find printable versions yourself.



If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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