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Problem Updating HRBlock 2017 state program to Windows 7 - HELP

I've been using HRBlock for many years on Windows 7 and have never had this problem with updates. I installed 2017 Deluxe federal+state in December from CDrom distribution I received. Working well - inserted some data. On Jan 5 I updated the federal program that just became available but state (Maryland) was not available yet. Program still working okay. Then on Jan 8 I received an email from HRBlock that the state program was available. I went to the program - opened the state section as advised and tried to update the state - but only the federal was listed in the update menu as being available. Is Maryland state not really available OR is it available but my program doesn't list it as a download? Please help clear this up for me. thanks, davey0
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Re: Problem Updating HRBlock 2017 state program to Windows 7 - HELP



Open up your program and open your return. Click on the State tab at the top of the screen. If no state is listed, you should have the option of selecting your free state if the program you purchased included a free state.


If you did purchase a product that included a free state, but are being prompted to purchase a state, click Tools at the top of the screen and select Get State Program. Your state should be listed there. 


Let me know if one of these steps does not resolve your issue.

- Matthew
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