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PA state filing was incorrect, what now?

I filed my PA state return through H&R Block online and received a $99 return.  I just got a letter from the state today saying I underpaid and, in fact, I now owe $213 plus a 5% underpayment penalty.  I have reviewed what they sent me and what I submitted through H&R Block and the numbers all seem to be the same yet the state came up with a different calculation saying that I owe whereas H&R Block gave me a refund.   What do I do now as far as checking to see who is right?  If the state is correct, how am I compensated by H&R Block?   What is the process?  I have 20 days to respond to the state.

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Re: PA state filing was incorrect, what now?



Welcome to the Community. I would recommend contacting our client support team. They will be able to look at your account online and discuss the issue. They can be reached at 800.HRBLOCK.


Regards, Harold

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Re: PA state filing was incorrect, what now?

Hi MAF76,


Welcome to the H&R Block community.


So did the state say why they increased your amount due or did they just say it was miscalculated?


If this actually was due to an error on H&R Block's part then they will cover the extra tax (not including the penalty) but only if you purchased "Peace of Mind" coverage.


There's also the possibility that you may need to do nothing more than correct something or do something on your tax return to show the state that you don't actually owe that tax.  An amendment may result in no additional tax owed.


I recommend meeting with a tax professional at an H&R Block office.  They'll look over your tax return at no cost to you (Second Look Review) and if you do have an error that was made by H&R Block they will fix it for free.  Worst case scenario is there wasn't an error that was Block's fault but there is something you need to do in which case they would charge a small fee to amend the return.  I would take your letter from Pennsylvania with you as well if you visit an office.


As Harold mentioned you can also call support at 1-800-HRBLOCK which is also a good option, especially if you completed your tax return online.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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