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DIY Products

Whether you’re an experienced do-it-yourselfer or doing your own taxes for the first time, this is your place to learn and share. Here you’ll find information and resources for using H&R Block’s online and software DIY solutions. You’ll also find links to more information to assist you on your DIY journey.

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Online Chat

I have used H&R Block Deluxe for several years.  I have used online chat on several occations in the past.  This year I can not find a link. 

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Re: Online Chat

How do I find the online chat

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Re: Online Chat

You don't...just like when you search for any thing remotely resembling assistance in their archives. HRBlock is just awful.

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Re: Online Chat




You can access online chat here:

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Re: Online Chat

I don't know if you are trying to reach Product/Technical Support or Tax Support.  The link in the previous post will reach Product/Technical Support.  But if you are trying to get answers to tax questions, the link is deliberately a little hard to find.  They want you to check out the FAQs first to see if you can get your answers that way. 


The path to get there is also different depending on whether you are using the Online program, or the Software installed on your computer. 


If you are using online, here's how to get there:

Click Help Center near the top right of the screen.  This is where you'll find a bunch of FAQs.  If none of these has your answer, scroll to the bottom and in the box "Search for forms, help and tips..." type in any question and hit enter.  When it gives you the list of questions that are similar to yours, scroll to the bottom again, and click Get additional help.  Here, you'll have two choices, Get Program Help or Ask a tax question.  


Using the software, it's a little more difficult:

You have to log into your MyBlock account.  Rather than going through all the steps in the program to get there, it's easiest just to go to and click Sign In. Then click either Sign in to my account or Create an account.  It doesn't matter which - they both take you to the same screen.  I you already have a MyBlock Account, just sign in.  If not, click Create Account.  Once you are in your account, scroll down, and click Get Assistance.  More FAQs here, but to skip those, scroll to the bottom and click Contact Us.  This gives you the same two options of Program Help or Tax Questions.  Click the one you want, fill out the form and click Submit.  



Caveat - these instructions are good right now, but they may change at any time without warning, as the programs/websites get updated.