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No Interview and cannot get a hold of an Ask a Tax Advisor

I purchased the Premium version to help me will out Form 4835 "Farm Rental Income and Expenses".  When I get to the form there is NO Interview available, it indicates I must fill in the form manual which I do not know how to do which is why I purchased the software.  I first tried chat, and the person said they could not help, I would have to call or chat with an ATA, but they would not be available until Monday.  I called Monday, and I was told ATAs were not in yet, and to call the support line back and they could then transfer me.  After calling back, I was told I cannot speak to an ATA on the phone,  I was told I would have to use chat (no phone support) and depending on how I asked the question, it might direct me back to tech support.    I was told I would need to ask a specific question (not questions about the whole form).     I was then told I need to go to the IRS site, and figure out how to complete it on my own or call a local H&R Block office.  I called a local H&R Block office, and they (of course) want to charge me to help fill out the form.


Is it possible to get a hold of an ATA to help me with the form, and if so how?  Please be specific since support has run me all over the web site to only get tech support again.



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Re: No Interview and cannot get a hold of an Ask a Tax Advisor

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Hello ITProfessor!


Welcome to The H&R Block Community!



You are correct, that the free, unlimited chat with Ask A Tax Advisor (“ATA”) only offers online chat support. There is no available phone assistance from the ATA team.


To use our Ask a Tax Advisor chat service, see the following link for the steps to get to chat:


Be sure to select the option for Get Tax Help, if using our online program, or the Chat Now option under Tax Rules Question?, if using our downloaded software. 


For tax season 2018, the extended hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Central) and Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Central). If you try to chat into this service outside of those hours, the Chat Now button will not appear. 



The ATA team offers chat support and answers to your tax questions, but they are not tax professionals, so they can’t review your form for accuracy, make any corrections needed on your Form 4835, or look on your form for additional tax breaks to maximize your deductions and credits, because they are not signing your tax return.


To help you with your tax questions, Form 4835 is used by landowners and sub-lessors that do not materially participate in the operation or management of the farm (for self-employment tax purposes) to report farm rental income based on crops or livestock produced by the tenant. Line 1 is where you report your rental income received. Here are the most common rental expenses and the line you would reported them on Form 4835:


Cleaning and maintenance. Line 30 “other” and list the expense.


Depreciation. Line 12


Feed. Line 14


Fertilizer. Line 15


Insurance. Line 18


Interest (other). Line 19b


Legal and other professional fees. Line 30 “other” and list the expense.


Management fees. Line 30 “other” and list the expense.


Mortgage interest paid to banks, etc. line 19a


Supplies. Line 26.


Rental payments. Lines 22a and b


Repairs. Line 23


Taxes. Line 27


Utilities. Line 28



Feel free to reply back if you’d like to talk about a certain expense in particular!





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