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New York Estimated Tax Payment was NOT automatically made as it should have been

The New York state interview process in the H&R Block software had a new provision this year for setting up automatic estimated tax payments for 2017.  According to the instructions, and as specified in state form IT-2105, you check the box to set up automatic estimated tax deductions, provide the bank account info,  and authorize the deductions.  I did all of that, and my e-filed return was accepted by the state on March 3. 


However the automatic deduction of  my first quarter 2017 estimated tax was not made.  I called NY state tax dept and they can't find any record that I ever specified it.   So now my estimated payment is late and I'm subject to penalty.


I triple-checked the H&R Block software and NYS form, and automatic deduction is clearly specified.  I know the bank account info was correct because i owed $51 for 2016, and they deducted that properly.


Either the H&R Block software did not correctly send the information to NYS, or NYS screwed it up in their system.  I have no way of knowing which, but I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem.