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Need A Way To Report Bugs

You REALLY need to provide a way to report bugs.  I have found a couple, but had no way whatsoever to tell you about it,  I called last year about one bug, but the agent reallly had no way to report it either.  It  was never fixed - it is still there in 2016.

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Re: Need A Way To Report Bugs



Welcome to the community.


You can post information on bugs in the community and we'll pass it along.


However, keep in mind that many of the bugs in the software are corrected with updates throughout the pre-season, the tax season, and even into the off-season if there is something that's discovered later in the tax season.


You can find updates for prior year editions here.  (Scroll down the page.)


As always I hope this helps you out.

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Bugs in Off-line Software

First, posting a new subject in these forums is nearly impossible.

Second, even getting here from the app is a many minute exercise in complete frustration!

Lastly, I will be sending this out via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


The total HSA paid is moved to line 59 on the 1040 through form 5329 line 48. TOTAL HSA payments are reported as overpayment.  We just were nailed by the IRS for $240.  Walked through it with one of the tax attorneys and showed him via screen share where HR Block has a bug.  He's reporting it and making that info available to their customer service reps.


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Re: Bugs in Off-line Software

Agreed 100%.  There needs to be an easier way to report bugs!  I still can't find a way to create a new thread for my bug report.   And so here it is...

HRBlock Taxcut 2017 - Education Tax Credits.



For those not eligible for the American Opportunity Credit, and having to take the Lifetime Learning Credit (e.g. Grad Students), the form labeled "Course Materials", 2nd box labeled "Other required books and materials", has ZERO impact on the Lifetime Learning Credit amount.   It should increase the credit by 20% of the amount you enter into this box, but it does not.

If you look at the actual IRS instructions and forms, you are permitted to add in the cost of *any required books/materials* for your classes, not just those bought directly from the school.

The way HR&Block is treating this, it only counts the costs of book/materials purchased "from the school" (the first box, but *not* the 2nd box).

Example Details:
1. Answer "Yes" to "completed first four academic years of post-sec education before 2017" (e.g. a Grad student)
2. For the 1098-T Tuition, box #1 - enter $5,000 for "Qualified Tuition& related expenses" (i.e. < $10,000).
3. Box 9, check for "Grad Student"  and box 8 for "at least half-time"
4. Then under "Course Materials" form, enter $1,000 into the 2nd box "Other required books/materials".

Then tap Next to find your credit result, which just shows $1,000 credit, instead of $1,200!   Net result, I lose a $200 credit due to this HRBlock bug.

Workaround (not sure if it's legit to do this, but it works) -- simply enter your cost of books/materials into the first box labeled "Books/materials required to be purchased from the school"... then it gives you the 20% credit for the cost.

I was hoping to file our taxes this weekend, but this bug is stumping me.  I'd rather not enter the costs into the wrong box just to get the credit that is due.

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Re: Need A Way To Report Bugs

Good Morning Everyone.


We apologize for the late response to your issues. With the software, there is a survey at the end you can fill out and that gets reported back to us, or you can contact the Digital Support Team at 888-482-9288 and they can make a case and send that up to us so that we are aware. Hope this information helps.



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