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Mortgage Note Expenses

I sold a rental and am carrying the mortgage note.


I have filled out both the installment sale (6252) and 1099-int forms.


Since I need to make sure that they aren't destroying the property, to protect my note, I  have expenses to travel to another state to inspect the property.


Can I deduct those expenses?  There doesn't seem to be any place to put expenses in, except perhaps 1099-int "adjustments".



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Re: Mortgage Note Expenses

Hello MrSanRamon,


Welcome to H&R Block Community.


For your situation, these expenses can be entered as “investment expenses” on Schedule A for Itemized Deductions. 


If you are using the H&R Block desktop/downloaded software, here are the steps to enter the expenses.

  1. Open the tax return file
  2. Click Federal tab
  3. Click Deductions
  4. Find Miscellaneous Deductions (2%)
  5. Click Go To
  6. Find the box for “Investment expenses,” and enter the amount in there.
  7. Then, click Next when finished


If you are using the H&R Block online product, follow the steps below to enter the expenses:

  1. Click Federal tab
  2. Click “Go to the last screen I completed.
  3. Click Next
  4. Click Adjustments & Deductions
  5. Find Other Deductions
  6. Click [Visit Topic] Miscellaneous Expenses
  7. Click Next
  8. On screen, “Tell us about your miscellaneous expenses”, follow the screen instructions to enter the expense information here
  9. Click Next several times to finish


If you have any other questions, I'll be glad to help.



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