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Whether you’re an experienced do-it-yourselfer or doing your own taxes for the first time, this is your place to learn and share. Here you’ll find information and resources for using H&R Block’s online and software DIY solutions. You’ll also find links to more information to assist you on your DIY journey.

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Mailing Returns



I have used HR Block online for 5 years. Last year and this years user interface has made it very difficult for me to just print my returns and mail them as I had done for several year before. Actually, I still have not figured a way to print even my 2016 taxes out and my refund sits unclaimed as a result. Prior, I had easily just printed them and finished in very quick order. Now, my taxes sit completed in the user interface without me having a way to print them (not just copies) in an organized manner. I am hoping someone can help me find a way to make the program understand that I want to mail my return. Please help, If I can't get this done, why would I use the service. Very frustrating. 

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Re: Mailing Returns

For 2017, you should be able to click the File tab at the top of the screen and click next through the program. Eventually you will be able to select "Print and Mail" for filing.


For 2016, click "My Previous Taxes" on the left side of the screen after you log in.

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