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I need software to print 2014 (*.T14) files

How can I print the 2014 files?

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Re: I need software to print 2014 (*.T14) files

Hi PDFGuy,


You should have an option to print when you open the file.  Usually if you don't see one if you scroll over either the top right of the screen or the bottom right of the screen while viewing a PDF file a menu will appear that will have the print icon in it.


There should also be an option to print in MyBlock.  Try right-clicking on your return file if you don't see it.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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Re: I need software to print 2014 (*.T14) files

Having the same issue with T16 files. Unless you reinstall the software for that year - there is no way to open and print the file?


Why doesn't H&R come out with a reader for T files since they are so adamant about locking them down to be software specific? At least allow us to open, view and print the files.

I mean, the mere fact that you have that file means you purchased and used their software.

How many people keep prior year tax software on their PC's - especially going back 2-3 years. Yes, there is an option to export to PDF when you are doing your taxes, but not all of us remember to do this.



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Re: I need software to print 2014 (*.T14) files

If the PDF or printed copy of your tax return that you created and saved when you did your tax return isn't enough, you'll have to re-install the 2014 software to open the .T14 files.  Thinking I was being smart,  I always keep (for six years) any CDs of the software, or backup copies of the downloaded installation files when I purchase the software. 


Problem is though that both software and forms always get updated online between the time that the initial CD's are burned at the November-December start of a new tax season, and the filing deadline the following April.  Those software downloads to update forms etc. may not still be working for past years.   I had to file and amended return for 2012 back in 2014, so I re-installed two-year old software and I could not get it to print exactly what the filed return was because the updates to the program were no longer available online.  Makes it tough to file an Amended return.    So I now leave the full installed software on my PC for 3 years.  That way I can at least deal with amended return or re-printing needs without doing it by hand for the most recent years.  


Always make a PDF copy of the return you actually file, then make a second PDF file of a printout with all attachments and schedules printed as well.  Keep those for the six year period you might be subject to audit.  At least then you can look at what was filed as you prepare for your lovefest with the IRS agents.