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Whether you’re an experienced do-it-yourselfer or doing your own taxes for the first time, this is your place to learn and share. Here you’ll find information and resources for using H&R Block’s online and software DIY solutions. You’ll also find links to more information to assist you on your DIY journey.

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I have a W2, a 1099misc and started a business in 2017

Hello and thank you for your help, 


I was looking at the software options to do my taxes online. It feels like the only options are "Self employed, contractor" OR W2. But I have all 3. I work a 9-5, I do some (not a lot) of freelance work and I started a craft business selling some of the stuff I make. I didn't make much money in freelance work or sales, but I still need to claim it.  


I'm not sure which program to pick. I'm not one or the other, I'm all. 


Thanks again for your time, I greatly appreciate it! 



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Re: I have a W2, a 1099misc and started a business in 2017

Hello Ria_Fae!



Welcome to The H&R Block Community!


If you have self-employment income in addition to W-2 income, you may still want to use the Premium version of the software. This should accommodate all of the needs of both the Schedule C for your freelance income, as well as your W-2 income. The Self-Employed version of the desktop software accommodates both, as well, and contains more options regarding self-employment and small businesses.


If you are choosing to do your taxes online (as opposed to downloading the software to your computer), you can start with a lower version and add what you need to the return. If the program finds that you need to upgrade based on your needed forms, it will prompt you to do the upgrade. If you end up not needing to upgrade, you can continue with the program you have selected.


If you have any further questions, I'll be happy to help!




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