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How to E-file IL State return only

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Hi I forgot my password for H&R block and filed my federal return through another site, is there a way to efile my IL Statereturn  with H&R Block  without filing the federal again

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Re: How to E-file IL State return only

Hi bsix112 - 


Welcome to the H&R Block Community! 


Our online products do not support preparing a state return without first preparing a federal return. The state program relies on information from the federal program, and a state return cannot be e-filed unless the federal return is also e-filed. 


You do have the option to recreate your federal return in our online product in order to transfer and file your state return, but with this method you will be required to print and mail that state return. 


Another option would be to visit one of our H&R Block tax offices to complete the state return. If you'd like to set an appointment, please visit and to locate an office near you.  You may need to file an extension for your state to ensure timely filing of that return. 


If you need additional assistance, please contact our Product Support team at 1-800-HRBLOCK. 




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