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How do I print my past year taxes that have already been filed.

We sent our 2016 taxes electronically but it seems that IRS never got them for some reason. We now have to send them in again. How do I print them with out the water mark?

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Re: How do I print my past year taxes that have already been filed.



Welcome to the Community. Depending on your specific circumstances below is feedback from the digital team on printing your return:


  • Not for Filing
    1. Usually, this banner will appear on a worksheet that is for your records only and not necessary to file. When printing from the software, ensure that the box checked next to “Include mini-worksheets and itemized lists” is unchecked and print again to only print the sheets that need to be mailed.
  • Draft Form Do Not File
    1. If this appears on a form or worksheet it means that we are waiting for an update from the IRS to finalize that form. Make sure your software is up to date and if so, please wait for a future update to finalize the form and remove the watermark prior to filing.
  • Copy Do Not File
    1. ONLINE
      1. This watermark only appears if you have e-filed your return. If you have successfully e-filed your return there is no reason to print and mail it in. If you were rejected and need to print and mail without the watermark, follow the steps below:
        1. Click the Overview tab at the top of the screen.
        2. Click Next Steps next to the rejected return.
        3. Click Next.
        4. Click Fix Issues.
        5. If there is no Fix Issues button and the page says We're unable to process your return electronically, Click Next.
        6. Skip to step 6.
        7. Click Continue To File.
        8. Select the Print and mail radio button, and click Next.
        9. Select the method of disbursement for the refund/method of payment for the payment of balance due, and click Next. Note: If you need to print the state, you may select to do so on the next screen, called How Do You Want to File Your State Return?.
        10. On the Review Your Return Before Filing screen, click Next.
        11. Click Print Tax Return.
        12. When the return is finished loading, hover your mouse on the document in the pop-up window and a menu will appear. Click the printer icon on this menu.
      2. SOFTWARE
        1. Click the File option in the menu bar in the top left corner of the screen.
        2. Click Print.
        3. Select the return type (Federal or state) in the drop-down labeled Return.
        4. Select any other desired options. Below the Return drop-down, you can select if they want an official copy to mail into the IRS or if they want specific forms.
        5. Click Print in the bottom right corner of the Print window.

If you need additional assistance with this issue please contact the H&R Block client support team at 1-800-HRBLOCK (1-800-472-5625).