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How can I efile 7004 for 2013 by using the software?

I bought HR Block premium and business.  How can I efile 7004 for 2013 by using the software? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: How can I efile 7004 for 2013 by using the software?

Welcome to the Community, this is a good question.  Please login and Ask A Tax Advisor, follow the steps below to ask:

  1. type in a term in the Search box at the top of the screen.
  2. Press Enter to display search results.
  3. Click Contact H&R Block at the bottom of the search results.
  4. Click the Go button under the Tax Rules Question? section.
  5. Click Chat Now and follow the prompts to begin a chat with a Live ATA.

NOTE: If the Live ATA Chat is not available due to Hours of Operation, the button will be grayed out and the client will need to send an e-mail to a tax professional.

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Re: How can I efile 7004 for 2013 by using the software?

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Edit 2: Short answer: You can not e-file ANYTHING but 1120, 1120-S, and 1065 forms themselves (you can add attachments/pdfs to those forms for filing), with the H&R Block Premium and Business package.


I finally got through a queue with this scenario.


I need an extension. My business taxes are due Mar 15. I see no apparent way to efile form 7004 (which is filled out) to receive my six month extension (I'm filing 1120-S).


When I finally got through the interminable wait (over an hour) for a chat, the agent said, and I quote:

"You will have to print and mail individual forms. You will have to complete an entire return including that return and efile".


How on earth can an efile-ready form (like the 7004) require the return be done before it can be efiled? If I had the return completed, I wouldn't NEED an extension. I checked, and they confirm that 7004 is able to be efiled for an 1120-s. The bloody package says you can do efiling at no additional charge. And the agent is saying you can't do the extension via efile.

Edit: Chat went on with an explicit message : "I apologize but extension forms not available for e-file". Nowhere on the box, or in the documentation, or in the help files, does it indicate you can't use the e-file feature on extensions or other things that aren't the return proper (*that I found).