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DIY Products

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HR Block DIY software does not show a Depreciation link

I am using HR Block software to do my Business Income. In the screen for "General Business Expenses", there are multiple categories:

 Commissions and fees
Contract labor
Employee wages
Employee benefit programs
Equipment rental
Insurance premiums
Legal or professional services
Local transportation
Meals and entertainment
Mortgage interest (not for your main home)
Office expenses
Other business expenses
Other interest
Overnight travel expenses
Pension or profit-sharing plans
Prior disallowed 6198 loss
Property rental
Repairs or maintenance
Taxes or licenses
What I cant find is where I should put depreciation on my computer. I have clicked on each category. One place even says:
  • Anything with a useful life of more than one year, like office furniture (Enter these in Depreciation.)

Yet I cant find the category "Depreciation" in the list, as you can see above. What am I doing wrong? (In previous years, I had no problem entering this data, this year just cant find where)


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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Re: HR Block DIY software does not show a Depreciation link

Hi banrar,


It sounds like you are using the online software to complete your return. You will find the depreciable property questions in the next section of your business income. Go back to your Schedule C business and edit it. You should be on the “Business Snapshot” page. Click the menu item called “Additional Expenses” and you should see a few topics populate in that box. For most of your depreciable assets, you’ll use the “Depreciable property” topic to enter these assets. If you want to depreciate a vehicle, use the “Car or truck used for business” topic.



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