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Form 8962

I received a letter requesting me to complete a 8962 and submit a copy of a 1095-A. I have a few questions if someone might be able to help. I claimed Head of Household and everyone in my house(which is only 2 people). Since the individual i claimed turned 25 this year my status changed to single.  However i did not remove that person from my taxes so i filled with that person on there. Now I've received a letter asking for their 1095-A form and for me to complete a 8962. Now the insurance this person has is not in my name nor his, the parent is the policy holder and this person is covered under the policy. Do i still complete and submit the 8962 form with a copy of the 1095-A even though the insurance policy holder name is neither me or the other person i claimed? 

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Re: Form 8962

Hello showard92992,


To answer your question, since the health insurance for the child is listed under the other parent's name, and not yours or the child's, then for your situation, you would have to amend your tax return to remove the child dependent.


Then, after filing your amended return that no longer shows the child dependent, then the other parent would need to claim the child on his or her return and report the 1095-A form information on his or her Form 8962.  If the child wishes to file his or her return, then he or she could do that and would just need to a copy of that 1095-A and fill out the shared allocation policy section of Form 8962 for the child and the other parent's.





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