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Form 8962

So I'm married filing jointly with my wife, and I claimed my mother as a dependent since she lives with me and her only income is social security.  I just got a letter from the IRS asking me to fill out form 8962 and to send them a copy of her 1095-A form, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to fill out this form.  What should I do?

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Re: Form 8962

You indicated on your return somewhere that your mother had insurance through the marketplace and if she received a 1095-A then she did. What part of filling out Form 8962 are you having trouble with?  There are instructions for that form here: .  Are there specific questions that you have?

A couple things that might be useful:  1) When it asks for AGI, that would be the modified AGI from you and your wife's return.  Since you're claiming her as your dependent her subsidies will be based on your income.  2) If her only income is from social security, it's not likely she was required to file a return, so you will not need to include her income when it asks for dependent income.


If you have additional questions after reviewing the instructions, it might be useful to know specifically what you're not sure about.  It would also be easier if you gave more details about who in your family is covered by a marketplace plan and how many are in your tax household (is it just you, your wife, and your mother, or are there other dependents (and how many) that you claim on your return)?