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Form 1116 Line 20 - bug?

It looks like the calculation for Form 1116 Line 20 has a significant bug.  I'm using the desktop software (H&R Block Premium 2017), and it should be putting the sum of lines 44 and 46 from Form 1040 into Form 1116 line 20.  In my case, line 44 is $95 and line 46 is $1,800, so Form 1116 should be $1,895.  However, the software is only pulling $95 (from line 44) into line 20 of Form 1116.  This seems like a clear bug.  I have tried changing various numbers in Form 1116 and then pressing the "Recalculate" button on that form and on the 1040, but it never actually transfers the amounts from both lines 44 and 46 to line 20 of 1116.  Not including the amount from line 46 results in a much smaller foreign tax credit (to the tune of about $350), so I really don't want to just overlook this.  The only solution I see is to manually override Form 1116 line 20 so that it has the correct amount (thus saving me hundreds of dollars), and then print & mail my return since I cannot e-file after manually overriding line 20.


Is anyone aware of this issue?  Is it a known bug?  Is it possible I'm wrong and that 1116 line 20 should really only be pulling just the number from line 44 of Form 1040?

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Re: Form 1116 Line 20 - bug?

To determine if there is an issue in this calculation we will need to review further. Please contact us at 1-800-HRBLOCK or via chat using the instructions in the link below for further assistance.

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