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Flags on my 1099-B


I'm currently e-filing and was listing out all of my trades on my 1099-B. Since I use an online broker, sometimes I'll sell a block of lets say 200 shares of something and one person might buy 195 and the other may buy 5. Those are listed as separate sales and all of mine that i have entered that are between 1-10 shares have a flag next to them. If I hover over the flag it doesn't saying anything and when I click next to move on it doesn't say anything either. Wondering if anyone had a clue as to why that flag is there and what I can do about it. Thanks!

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Re: Flags on my 1099-B

Hello fisj139,


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When you import 1099-B’s the flags mean that a box may not have been imported. The flag doesn’t necessarily mean there is an error, but just that you need to review. The flag can be related to any box in that section, but often it is concerning whether or not you have a basis in this transaction.

I hope this helps you out!


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