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Filing Amended return

I used the online H&R Block program to file my 2017 1040EZ 

Right after I submitted my 2017 return, I realized I forgot to claim my mortgage and school loan interest.
(first year I've been able to claim these, as I bought new home in 2017 and also got divorced in 2017 which now allows me to claim school loan interest)


Before I even closed out of the online tax program, I immediately completed the questions and steps to do a amended return. I then saved the H&R PDF 1040X form.


Now that I received my direct deposit check, I printed all of papers from the 1040x PDF that H&R Block had produced.

Needless to say, I'm confused.

First off, the 1040x document appears to be complete, except there is no data In column A 'Original Amount'.

and column B & C are already filled out with identical data in each row.

I'm assuming this is correct and I don't need to do anything there.?


My next question is, what other documents do I need to include when mailing in the 1040X?

Do I include the original 1098 and 1098-E Interest Statement forms?

Do I included the Schedule A Itemized Deductions form. or  W2's ? 


Thanks in advance!



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Re: Filing Amended return


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Re: Filing Amended return

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Below is the 1040x instructions (See page 13 - Assembling Your Return).  It tells all that's needed to file.  Basically, you need to file any documents that supports your claim, in your case a Schedule A and probably the 1098.  I say probably because 1098s are not normally sent with the filing, but an amended return is different, so follow the 1040x instructions.  Personally, I'd send it, if they don't need it they will chuck it.  They will request any additional information if needed.


Did you use the H&R Block software to complete the 1040x?  All columns should be filled in A (original), B (changes) and C (new amount).  If not you need to revisit this.