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Filed 2014 taxes electronically but need to make a change

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I filed my 2014 taxes electronically with HRBlock's online software.  My issue is that I got an unexpected 1098 deduction for the home I just purchased that came after I had filed.  To my understanding the IRS won't even begin accepting tax filings until Jan. 31, 2014.  HRBlock's online software allowed me to go in and update the federal tax forms and the changes are shown.  But what I'm not really sure of is if they had already sent off my filed taxes to the IRS and if my updated changes will actually be reflected in my return.  Can anyone help me with this, other than just telling me that I'll have to wait and see?  If you can go back and update your tax return that you filed electronically then I shouldn't have even been able to go back and edit it because that's extremely confusing.

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Re: Filed 2014 taxes electronically but need to make a change

Hi!  I made the same mistake.  What I've found is that we can submit an amended tax return, but only once the IRS has accepted the original return Smiley Sad  There's a link at the bottom right, under File Resources - Submit Amended Return will be an option once the file is sent.  If your return is in a PEND status with HRBlock, there's nothing you can do now.  Once the file is accepted by the IRS, your only option is to file the amendment directly with the IRS.  I just got off the phone with Ceasar @ HRBlock who confirmed all of this.  Bummer, I know, but at least we can still get all of our money - it'll just take a little bit longer.