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Federal Return Rejected

I did my tax return online on the 15th and received an e-mail that it was rejected on the 22nd. I checked to see why it was rejected and at first it said that it was missing a 8962 I went through it made me check everything and then it would say that form wasn't available and to check the dates on form availability. I did that it showed available... I just tried to resubmit again and it said that there was no error to be fixed and to resubmit return.. I did that, and for a few seconds it acted like everything was great said my 2017 taxes was complete and I paid for the state return.............. well then I went back on and it said rejected so now IDK what the heck is going on.


Anyone else having issues on filing their federal return?

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Re: Federal Return Rejected

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Hi ashleyfreeman08,


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I apologize for the issues you are having when attempting to complete your tax return. There are a number of reasons returns may get rejected back, for this I advise contacting our Product Support @ (877) 844-0529, who will be able to look at your return along with you and figure out what is going on. They will also be able to tell you in-depth about the reason your return has been rejected.



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Re: Federal Return Rejected

Hi ashleyfreeman08,




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First thing here is that you should stop trying to file your tax returns, at least for the next few days.  There are issues with Forms 8962 and 8965 that will cause it to be rejected every single time until the forms are updated.


The other thing is that the filing season does not start until January 29th, so you've got plenty of time on this.  The IRS will not look at your return until then, even if it is accepted early while they are testing the e-file system.


The state return is being rejected because it cannot be filed before your federal return has been accepted.  Also, depending on which state you live in the state's filing season may not have started yet.  Many states have different start dates than the IRS.


If you had marketplace insurance you cannot file your tax return without Form 8962.  If you do then you will get a letter from the IRS stating that you will not receive a refund until the 8962 has been received.  I wouldn't want you to have to go through that.


All of that said, there are updates coming tomorrow and again on the 27th.  By the end of the day on the 27th all of the tax forms will be finalized any errors on them will all have been corrected.  You should try to file your tax returns again on the 28th or 29th.




If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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Re: Federal Return Rejected

does the 2017 deluxe version still allow filing of 5 federal returns?

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Re: Federal Return Rejected

Hello bardleyj!


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All versions of the 2017 downloadable H&R Block software include 5 free federal e-files.



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Federal Return Rejected

I used the deluxe version of the H&R online software . Did a pdf Imported of my W2. My  Efile got rejected, it keeps telling me that the AGI is incorrect. Reviewing  the paperwork closely found out that the import messed up and combined cells 15 and 16. I have been charged for federal and state $79 (even though state is on hold till federal goes through) and i am being asked to mail the paperwork in. H&R Customer support  told  me "We do not guarantee the import process."(why even offer it) Extremely disappointed.