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Estimated Tax entry in HRB Deluxe - Pennsylvania

I'm working on my college age (20 yrs) daughter's taxes, and running into an issue.   We are in Pennsylvania, but she lives year - round in MA, at school, and works there.   I've found a MA dept of revenue page that indicates she does have to file as a resident there.    Because her job in MA didn't withhold any PA tax last year, she paid a tiny penalty on her PA taxes, and received notice to pay quarterly estimated taxes.  She did so.


My problem is I can't find where to enter those estimated tax payments to Pennsylvania in the program.   Looking at the form view, it shows her paying zero in estimated payments.   Can anyone help me find it?


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Re: Estimated Tax entry in HRB Deluxe - Pennsylvania

Hello Austinarm,


To enter the PA estimate tax payments, these will not be entered in the PA state return section of the tax program. Instead, they will be entered in the Adjustments/Deduction section, if using the online tax program, or the Deductions section, if using the H&R Block desktop/desktop software.


In using the online H&R block tax program, follow these steps:

  1. Click Federal
  2. Click Go to the last screen I completed
  3. Click (Adjustments/Deductions)
  4. Click Yes green button
  5. Find "State and Local Income and Sales Taxes"
  6. Click Add +
  7. Click [Visit Topic] Estimated taxes, payments with a return or extension, or other state and local income taxes
  8. Click [Add State Tax Payments]
  9. For State dropdown box, select Pennsylvania
  10. Click Next two times
  11. On the screen, "Tell us your 2017 Pennsylvania estimated payment dates and amounts, if any," fill in the information for the estimate tax payments, such as date paid and amount paid and paid by for who paid it.


In the H&R Block desktop/downloadable software, follow these steps:

  1. Open the tax return file
  2. Click Federal
  3. Click Deductions
  4. Scroll down to find State and Local Income Taxes
  5. Click Go To
  6. Click checkbox for "Estimated taxes paid in 2017 or for 2017"
  7. Click Next
  8. On screen, "Enter 2017 State Estimated Tax Payments," enter the Date paid, Amount paid, and enter PA in the state box.
  9. Click Next
  10. Then, get into the PA state return section's "Taxes, Payments, and Penalties Summary" screen and you should see an amount for PA estimate tax payments.





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