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Cost of purchasing H&R filing software

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So Amazon is running a cyber deal for the PC deluxe download version for 19.99, including state. I want to use the online version. Is this the same? I feel like I always play games with purchasing this product...waiting for the right price drop. And there is always a huge price disparity between what is initially offered vs. what I end up paying for it. I would be willing to purchase the median price now if I didn't have to wait and wonder if I am getting a fair offer.

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Re: Cost of purchasing H&R filing software

Hi Steve7,



Welcome to the H&R Block community.


The price on Amazon has to be something that they are doing.  It has nothing to do with H&R Block.  On the H&R Block website the Deluxe software is $54.95 across the board at full price, and the downloadable version is currently being offered at $44.95.


Online deluxe is a separate product which is the full $54.95 plus the state fee.  But there's a free file version online that includes Schedule A, so you might be able to file for free depending on your situation.