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Can I use HRBLOCK On-line to file 1040 NR On-line

I have used HRBLOCK to do my taxes on-line for a number of years using form 1040 / 1040EZ.

I am now a non-resident in the UK.

I need to file using form 1040 NR.

Can I file form 1040 NR using HRBLOCK on-line filing?

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Re: Can I use HRBLOCK On-line to file 1040 NR On-line

Hi NonRes,




Welcome to the H&R Block community.


No you cannot.


I apologize for the inconvenience, however the online software does not support Form 1040-NR.  You would have to go to an H&R Block office to file that type of return.


You can also print a Form 1040NR from the IRS website and mail it to the IRS.  I realize that might cost a little bit from the UK, but if you go through Royal Mail & USPS you can keep the cost down somewhat.  USPS International mail is usually around $10 for an envelope, maybe $12 with tracking and Royal Mail I would imagine is similar.



FORM 1040-NR



If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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Re: Can I use HRBLOCK On-line to file 1040 NR On-line

Hi NonRes. What Louis said is correct, that you can either go to an office or use the software you install to your computer. However with the online program, you can file the 1040 NR form, but you will just be directed to use the Best of Both program where a tax professional will review your return for you as the form is not supported. You will be allowed to prepare the return online and then send the return for the review once you have completed the return.

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