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CP2000 Tax Year 2015

Obviously with the filing deadline tomorrow, I can't get assistance very easily through H&R Block.  We received a CP2000 notice from the IRS stating that we had severely understated our taxable income.  Looking back at H&R Block 2015, all of the information was entered correctly in the interview process, and the information made it to the 1099-R worksheets that can be viewed from the bottom of the H&R Block interview screen.  The problem is, the numbers did not get translated to the 1040 as taxable income, so we have taxes owed (not arguing that part).  I'm arguing the penalties and interest as there was no ill intent on our behalf, it was a software problem with H&R Block 2015. I need someone from H&R Block to contact me so I can share the .T15 file with them to confirm what I have found.  I need to respond to the IRS by 4/26.  I do have an update pending for H&R Block 2015 that was release after my 2015 taxes were filed, but I want to confirm my findings before I submit an amended return to the IRS.
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Re: CP2000 Tax Year 2015

Hi eaubut - 



I've sent you a private message regarding the letter you received from the IRS. Please check your messages to discuss this issue further. 




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Re: CP2000 Tax Year 2015

I just received a similar letter. 

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Re: CP2000 Tax Year 2015

Hi ToveyRN,


Welcome to the H&R Block community.


I suggest that you take that letter and a copy of your tax return to an H&R Block office to be looked at.  One of the most common IRS-related scams in the past year was fake CP2000 letters, so you shouldn't reply to the letter in any way until a tax professional looks at it with you.  Of course if this is a real IRS letter your tax professional will be able to help you make any necessary corrections to your tax return and/or reply to the letter appropriately.



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