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CA - Incomplete W2 with 2 states on W2

I keep getting this error when I try to file my taxes:


CA - Your state and local information is incomplete on 1 or more of your W-2s.  Make sure Boxes 15-17 are complete and remove any locality information if Boxes 18 and 19 are blank or 0.


However, my W-2 has 2 states on it, NY & CA. NY has locality info, but CA doesn't (the fields are blank, as they should be according to H&R Block instructions). I'm wondering if this is what is causing the error> I've followed all the steps that H&R Block associates proscribed to no avail. Thanks?

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Re: CA - Incomplete W2 with 2 states on W2

Hello rmang!


Welcome to The H&R Block Community!


If there is any state information in box 15 (for state and Employer's state ID number), box 16 generally needs to be filled out. If you have a state listed in box 15 and nothing in any of boxes 16-20, you should clear out box 15 in the program. 


If this continues to be an issue, you may want to chat in with our product support team to get personalized support in one of the following ways:

  1. For telephone support, call 1 (855) 897-8639
  2. For support via our online chat system, follow the steps in this link:



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