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DIY Products

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Bug in H&R Block 2017 Deluxe + Efile

I'm working on my 2017 taxes and was trying out some different numbers for capital gains, as I still have a few days to take some gains if it makes sense to do so.


In this process, somehow I have generated a .t17 return file that lets me put ANYTHING I want to in a 1099-B entry without affecting my taxes or my income. I tried a $1 million gain, which has no effect.


Another file that I had saved earlier doesn't have this problem; it responds normally to changes in 1099-B entries.


Is there someone I can contact about this problem? I assume H&R Block would want to know about it...

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Re: Bug in H&R Block 2017 Deluxe + Efile

I was not able to duplicate your problem.  You should contact our software support team at 888-482-9288.