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Best of Both Worlds = Worst of Both Worlds

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Long story short, the "Best of Both Worlds" package resulted in completely omitting my schedule D form on my 2015 taxes.

Even before I was steered to "upgrade" to this service, the capital gains taxes amount in the app seemed to change every time I refreshed the application. That the personal tax professional never received this information is not a surprise given the bizarre behavior. Of course the phone representative insists that I'm the one that made the error... even though in all four previous years of using the online service I filed a schedule D just fine WITHOUT this "best of both worlds" package. Things weren't made any better by the "Tax professional" who kept me jumping through hoops to scan and send documents just to eventually tell me she wasn't responsible because I never sent her a 1099-B. Excuse me, but if it's the BEST of both worlds, shouldn't she have access to all the information I submitted via the online app?


Called for the "peace of mind" claim looking to be reimbursed for the $110 in interest owed to the IRS and was told that I'm the one at fault here because they have no record of capital gains information entered for that year. Even assuming the information from the online product didn't correctly transfer to the tax professional, what kind of "personalized" tax professional sees that you've filed capital gains EVERY YEAR PRIOR and doesn't bat an eye when there are suddenly no cap gains info?


For a measly $110, you guys have lost a loyal customer. For those reading, please save yourself the time and effort and don't bother with the blatant money grab a.k.a. the Best of Both Worlds package. Chances are if you're already filing your own taxes, you are already more competent than the so-called professional at HR Block.

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Re: Best of Both Worlds = Worst of Both Worlds

HI chinawildman,



Welcome to the H&R Block community.


I am sorry to hear this.  I'm sure you have probably tried already, but your best option here is to speak to a support agent at 1-800-HRBLOCK.  They are the only people who have the kind of access that is necessary to authorize refunds, look up returns at your request, find out what's going on with things, etc.  We are all volunteers in the community, including those of us who otherwise work for H&R Block, so we don't have the ability to do those things or I would be able to assist you further.


If you can prove that you sent the capital gains information for you return to your tax professional then I would think that might help you out with your claim.


Another option other than the support line for you is that you could try speaking to your district manager.  They can usually help you with this type of thing.  "Best of Both" returns usually get sent to an office in your local area.