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Anyone had a 'no response' situation from tax pro?

I'll admit, I'm a procrastinator. I submitted taxes, after filing an extension, on 10/16/17. I had done best of both and so my taxes were sent to the tax professional for review. We had some correspondence that day, and I sent her what she asked for. Fast forward to today, 3 weeks later, and after multiple messages, I cannot get a response from her. Yes it's November 6th and my taxes haven't been filed yet. I'm paying late fees and this so called "Tax Professional" can't even reply to my messages about what is needed. Has this happened to anyone, or does anyone have suggestions on what to do? Now I'm told that the online program has been taken down, and the customer service line closed and cut me off before I could get answers on how to handle this. TIA.
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Re: Anyone had a 'no response' situation from tax pro?

Hi rbrettctd,



Welcome to the H&R Block community.


I am sorry that this has happened to you.  It's not the first time I've seen this happen to someone but it is pretty rare so I would at least give things a chance to get going again.


Although I cannot access anything to get your return back to you, get your return to a tax pro, refund money, etc. (we are all volunteers on the community level including those of us who otherwise work for H&R Block) I can guide you in the right direction with this.


First, I would call an office and ask to speak to the district manager in your area because they are usually the person who can help you with something like this.  You can also try support at 1-800-HRBLOCK but I think your better bet is the DM since they would know how to go about getting someone to get your return taken care of.


You are correct that e-file has technically ended for 2016, however the IRS has extended e-file for those residing in federally declared disaster areas until November 18th.  If the H&R Block software will not let you e-file and you're from one of the hurricane or wildfire disaster areas then you might be able to e-file through IRS free file at  It looked like the H&R Block software was still up and running when I checked earlier today though.  You can start a new return in the online software if you create a new MyBlock account.


If you're not from one of the disaster areas then you'll need to print & mail your tax return.  I know it's extra work for you, but if you're unable to retrieve the return at all but you have your tax information then you could opt to redo the return yourself and mail it.  I'm not saying you won't be able to get help from Block and of course you shouldn't give up, but under the circumstances if you get the return in the mail now it will probably get there faster.  You can find all the forms you need at or you're welcome to use the downloadable H&R Block software if you would like.  If you do the return over yourself then I'll be here if you have any questions along the way and you can just ask me on the community boards.


Also, understandably I'm sure that the next question you'll ask is how to go about getting a refund for the "Best of Both" fee so I'll go ahead and give you that answer.  I can't promise that you'll get one, but if you decide to request one then again your best bet will be to speak to your district manager, but you can also call support to ask that question.  Before you ask though I suggest giving it another week or so and see if you can get things rolling again because most offices are not open all that much this time of year and that may have something to do with the amount of time it's taking and the lack of communication.



If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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Re: Anyone had a 'no response' situation from tax pro?

I am having a similar problem right now. Last correspondence from her was 3/3. I have emailed her multiple times with no response. Then, 2 days ago, I get a message that my tax return was ready. Not possible since she had not answered my questions which she knew I needed in order to send her a complete list of business expenses. In order to accept or reject the return, I had to pay for it. So I paid 350 dollars and reject the return and e-mail her again. No response....what do I do now?