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Re: Amazon Gift Card Problem

I took the steps you suggested and the associate I chatted with said HR Block could do nothing and I needed to contact amazon.  How do I contact them?

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Re: Amazon Gift Card Problem

I too am having an issue and am growing more frustrated with H&R Block with each passing day . . .


My refund was deposited into my account on 05/03 so I expected the refund to follow behind as indicated in my confirmation email from H&R Block. When that didn't come, I gave it more time and finally called up on June 07th. Initially, it seemed like a straightforward effort . . . i needed to be placed on a spreadsheet to have the email resent from Amazon but was asked to call back if the email doesn't come which, i was assured, "rarely happens"!


Fast forward to today and no email so I began making my calls again when I talked to a CSR who indicated that he needed to talk to the person "in charge" of this program and get back to me. I received a voicemail and immediately called back only to be told that the note on my account indicates that the money was never received from the IRS and that I now need to call them. What?!? . . . how is it that this is an H&R Block promotion in conjunction with Amazon and I have to call the IRS? . . . last I heard, this was in Amazon's court to send me an email . . . who is running this thing?!? I work in marketing and I can tell you that this is a damn mess! . . .


So now I have to wait for a higher level supervisor to call me back but at this point I, who have been exclusively using Block software for my taxes, may never use your products again as a result of this!


Rachael or any other H&R rep, moderator, etc please help me out here because I'm at a complete loss!!!!

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Re: Amazon Gift Card Problem

Hi TagHeuer,


Welcome to the H&R Block community.


I wish that I had the ability to actually do something about this for you, however the community level is run entirely on volunteer power and the representatives who volunteer their time to help people in here do not have access to do anything with the Emerald cards or the gift card promotion.  The primary reason for the community is so that you can come & get help with tax questions and things in the software that you can't figure out.


I will guide you in the right direction as best I can though.


The best thing you can do is call the support phone number, which you have already done.  I know that's not what you were hoping to hear, however, the agents there are the only people who can do anything with this.  Stay on top of them until they fix whatever the issue is.


I do agree with you that it's strange that they're saying your refund was never received from the IRS.  Have you checked the "Where's My Refund?" tracker on the IRS website?  If the IRS tracker says your refund is paid, or if you call the IRS and they say it was paid, then you have all the proof you need of your refund being paid and that's the first step I think you should take here.  That way you can call the H&R Block support people back and be able to stand up to them and say something like "Hey I have proof from the IRS that my refund was paid, so would you please look and see what's really going on?".  If you don't get anywhere at the entry level of phone support then ask to be bumped all the way to the top tier since you've been going through it for a while now as it is.


As a last resort there is a way to file a complaint with the IRS, but let's make sure all other options are exhausted first.  I'm sure this is some sort of mix-up as I have seen a few times with others on here this year.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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Re: Amazon Gift Card Problem

With us all having so many problems, why aren't they fixing this.  There is no help anywhere.  I am very confused.  Some of us dont like to be on the phone for an hour to just be hung up on.  Where are our amazon gift cards?