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8379 FORM - electronically!!!

I know it can be done but HOW do you add it to your refund on H&R block?? I have finished everything just waiting to add this form electronically to my refund before submitting!


DO I need to upgrade? 



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Re: 8379 FORM - electronically!!!

Hello parker8313,


According to the tax rules, the Form 8379 can be filed by itself after you filed your original joint return electronically.


However, if you wish to file it with the return electronically, the Form 8379 Injured Spouse Allocation is not currently handled in any version of the online tax program.


However, the Form 8379 can be handled in the H&R Block desktop/downloadable software. To get to the Form 8379 in the H&R Block desktop/downloadable tax software, click on "Take Me To."  Click search, type in 8379, and then double click in the Search Results box, the "Injured Spouse Allocation (Interview)" or "Form 8379 (Form)" option.


For more information on the H&R Block desktop/downloadable software, go to the following link:





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