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2018 Changes and Planning

Any idea if Tax Software "Plan" feature will incorporate the 2018 tax changes in order to determine what the effect will be based on our 2017 inputs?

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Re: 2018 Changes and Planning

We are working to update the Software to include the tax reform changes for 2018 in the "Plan" feature. We do not currently have an ETA on that update.

- Matthew
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Re: 2018 Changes and Planning



Any ETA on 2018 updates?

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Re: 2018 Changes and Planning

Don't think the changes are there yet.


I tried using the Tax Planning feature.  It gave results that aren't correct.  Smiley Frustrated


I have no wages, but do have income from interest, dividends, pension, social security and 401(k).  I entered qualifying dividend income on the "Capital Gains and Qualifying Dividends" screen, and the remainder on the "Interest, Ordinary Dividends, and Other Income" screen. 


Also, the "Additional Standard Deduction" screen asked for personal exemptions for over 65 and blind.  I checked the appropriate boxes.  (BTW, the amount is 1,300 per exemption, ref: Publication 505, page 37, "2018 Estimated Tax Worksheet -- Line 2, Standard Deduction Worksheet.")


The calculated tax was a small fraction of what it should be.  The software program did the estimate for 2018 Federal Tax, but gave no estimate for 2018 State Tax.


So I built an Excel spreadsheet to make the calculations.