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2017 AZ forms that can be efiled

Is there a list of the 2017 AZ forms that can be efiled?
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Re: 2017 AZ forms that can be efiled

Hi OprionsTader,



I have provided you with a link to your local Department of revenue. Its looks like the site has not been updated for 2017 Tax year as of now. Currently its showing approved forms for 2016. Check back around the 27th of January, as the IRS will began processing returns. For a list of approved forms that can be efiled in Az Visit:

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Re: 2017 AZ forms that can be efiled

My current 2017 version of the AZ state software does not have the AZ Form 309 credit for taxes paid to another state. The form was in the software for 2016 when I just looked in last years program.


Also I am an AZ resident with AZ income (retirement withdrawals) and CA income from working in CA part time. The instructions for the AZ form for credits says it can’t be used for CA but this forum last year instructed to use the form to another person. I am paying taxes as a non resident in CA on the income from the job there and without the credit will pay taxes on it again to AZ in addition to the AZ income from the retirement withdrawals.


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Re: 2017 AZ forms that can be efiled

Good Afternoon Tootall5.


We apologize for the late response. With our software, it appears that the only forms available for the 2017 program are listed below: Hope this helps:


140 Resident Personal Income Tax
140-Sch A Itemized Deduction Adjustments
140A Resident Personal Income Tax Short Form
140ES Individual Estimated Tax Payment
140NR Nonresident Personal Income Tax
140NR-Sch A Nonresident Itemized Deductions
140PTC Property Tax Refund/Credit Claim
140PY Part-Year Resident Personal Tax
140PY-Sch A Part Year Resident Itemized Deductions
140PYN-Sch A Part Year Resident Itemized Deductions
Tax Year 2017 H&R Block® Tax Software State Forms
140V Electronic Filing Payment Voucher
201 Renters Certificate of Prop Taxes
204 Application for Filing Extension
221 Underpayment of Estimated Tax - Individual
301 Nonrefundable Credits and Recap
321 Contributions to Charities
322 Credit for Fees to Public Schools
323 School Tuition Contribution Credit
8879 E-File Signature Authorization 




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Re: 2017 AZ forms that can be efiled

I have a tangential question. How much does an H&R Block office (not the online software) charge to add AZ 301 and an AZ 309 forms to your tax forms done at an office?