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Re: 2017 1099-G state income tax refund entry

Thanks for this info... I stumbled upon this because I was waiting for next lvl to pick up on the chat... I ended chat after waiting for something to happen... 1 hour is too long but it's the busy time of the year.  I too had the issue where I needed to have last years state refund added but ran into an issue because of last years imported data showed I deducted sales tax instead of state income tax.. I tried using the override on the bottom of the form with the "special case" to force an entry on line 10 but couldn't get it to work and could not override the line to say I did not use state sales tax. I used your tip to edit last years worksheet... It finally worked but seemed like it took a minute or so for the software to re-evaluate it.. not exactly sure what key sequence I did to get it to work but finally got it to add the refund to line 10.. I do recall it asked to to verify some 2016 info on deductions but thankfully it's accepting it and I don't have to manually override and will file electronically..

and yes, it does not appear they've fixed the 1099-g whole form override/update...