How do I transfer files to a new computer?

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    • Mac
      1. Copy the H&R Block file from the Macintosh to a PC-formatted removable disk.
        1. Place a PC-formatted removable drive (such as a USB flash drive) into the appropriate drive on the Macintosh computer. When the drive is ready, an icon with the name of the drive should appear on the Desktop. If no icon appears the Finder may be set not to display removable drive icons on the Desktop, they should change this setting before continuing.
        2. Type command-F and in the Search field in the window's toolbar and enter ".TXX" (where XX is the last two digits of the product year). You will now be able to locate your tax return file in this window.
        3. Drag the H&R Block Tax Software file to the icon for your removable disk.
      2. When the file copy is complete, drag the icon for the removable disk to the Trash to eject the disk.
      3. Remove the drive and place it into the appropriate drive of the PC and open H&R Block Tax Software.
      4. Select the File menu, and choose Open.
      5. At the bottom right of the Open window click the Drives drop down box and choose the appropriate disk drive.
      6. Double-click on the file on the left side of the window to open it.
    • Windows
      1. Copy the file to a PC-formatted removable disk:
        1. Put a PC-formatted removable disk (such as a USB flash drive) into the appropriate slot of the PC that contains the H&R Block Tax Software file to be copied.
        2. Open H&R Block Tax Software.
        3. Open the return that needs to be copied to the Mac.
        4. On the File menu, click Save As.
        5. Click Browse, select the appropriate disk drive from the Save in: drop-down list, click Save, and then click OK.
        6. Exit H&R Block Tax Software.
      2. Eject the removable disk and insert it into the appropriate slot on the Mac.
      3. Double-click the drive once it is displayed on the desktop.
      4. Select the H&R Block Tax Software file and drag it to the desktop or wherever the file needs to be stored.
      5. Launch H&R Block Tax Software.
      6. Open the file normally.