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wondering if my state tax return has been filed since it is the last day to file

I have filed both the federal and state on the same night.  The federal was accepted but the state (IL) has not been accepted yet.  The message from H&R Block status is the following:  Your IL tax return was received at our filing center and is being processed. The IL taxing authority usually responds with a status of the return within 5 business days of the filing. We will send you an e-mail message with the status of your return once it has been processed. You can also follow the steps below to open H&R Block Online or Tax Software and retrieve your status information within H&R Block Online or Tax Software.


Does this mean I have filed on time but waiting for the state to process or what?  I'm little freaked out since today is the last day to file.  I did contact the IL tax office and they said to NOT file another return, that it may take 5 days for an acceptance.  What documentation will I need to prove to the state if my return does not get processed today?


I have always done our IL tax through the online option for  filing and this year opted for H&R since everything was imported and ready;  I will not do that again, I always got an answer the same day when done online directly.  

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Re: wondering if my state tax return has been filed since it is the last day to file

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Hi labratter,


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There's one way to find out for a fact if your state return has been filed or not.  Practically all of the states that impose an income tax have their own "Where's My Refund?" tracker on their department of revenue websites.  If the tracker offers no results then your return either has not been filed or has not been accepted yet.  If you e-file you should see acceptance within 24-48 hours at the state level.  The federal return will usually show acceptance within about 30 minutes or less.


You can also call your state department of revenue, which it looks like you did, to be absolutely sure.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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