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w2 help

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I received 3 w2s from one employer. The only problem is, only one of them is completely filled out. The other two are only filled out boxes 18-20. I have already tried filing them seperately as well as together. They cant be filed halfway blank, nor with the same information more than once. I got error messages every time. Can anyone assist me on what I need to do? It would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you in advance. 

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Re: w2 help

Hello 92614


I'm guessing that you are in Ohio, one of the few places where this is common.  What you need to do is enter the first W-2, the complete one, but at the end add another city, then enter the information in boxes 18 to 20 and repeat  for each city. Unfortunately I have had some reports that a few of the tax programs can't handle more than a few additional city taxes, there seems to be a limit of 6 to 8 cities. This is caused by working in multiple cities with the same employer.


Hope this helped. 

Roger H,

Tax Specialist, Canton, Ohio