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using 2016 tax information for 2017

 My mom has been using H&R block for 8 years. Each year everything is exactly the same.   Why can't H&R just transfer information from previous years to 2017 and file

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Re: using 2016 tax information for 2017

Hello confused54,


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I see that this has been a frustrating process. Unfortunately, the IRS changes the tax forms each year, which means we have to make changes to our system.  If you used H&R Block in 2016, you should be able to import the information from your 2016 return to get started with your 2017 return. Some information, even if imported, will need to be verified by the taxpayer. If you are having an issue with importing your 2016 return, please feel free to reach out to an agent so that we can assist you in real time with this issue.


You can follow the instructions here to get to the chat program:


I hope this helps you out!


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