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tuition for non-dependent

My question is: how to get the credit for paying for college tuition & fees for a (full time student) 18 yr old child that my ex claims as a dependent?  The child (unmarried & did not provide more than ½ of their own support) lived with me for 8 months and was at college for 4 months.  But the divorce decree has the other parent claiming child as a dependent.  

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Re: tuition for non-dependent

Unfortunately, the parent claiming the child as a dependent is the one eligible to claim any education credits regardless of who actually paid the expenses.


See page 28 of Pub 17, , for the section labeled "Children of divorced or separated parents" that begins near the middle of the page, for more info about what happens in your situation when the non-custodial parent is claiming the dependent's exemption (not directly related to education credits, but may still be useful).