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routing number

where can i find my act and routing number?


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Re: routing number

Good Morning and welcome to the Community.  It depends on what account you are looking for this information for.  If it is a checking account, the routing number are the first 9 numbers on the bottom of the check and then the next set of numbers is usually your account number (don't include the check number).  If you are looking for these numbers for your Emerald Card, they would be on the paper your card was glued to when you received it.

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Re: routing number

Good morning! You can also find your Emerald Card Routing Number and Account Number in your Emerald Mobile Banking App under "Direct Deposit" as well as in your Emerald Online account. 


To download the Emerald Mobile Banking app, visit and download for iPhone or Android

To view your Emerald Online account, go to, register your card, click "view" next to your card number and once you are in your account, your Routing and Account Numbers will show up in the "My Money On" tab. 


Hope that helps.

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