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prices to file taxes in a office

i was wondering what your charges are if i were to file my taxes at one of your offices?

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Re: prices to file taxes in a office



Welcome to the Community. The cost to prepare a return in one of our office varies depending on your tax situation and the number of required forms to complete your return. You can call you local office for more information or our client service team at 1-800-HRBLOCK (1-800-472-5625).


Thanks, JerryG

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Re: prices to file taxes in a office

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HR Block charges based on the complexity of the return. Every form you need to file an accurate return with the IRS has a set price in our system.


Because of this, we'll need to do the return to know exactly how much it would cost.


Your best bet is to schedule an appointment, bring in your tax documents, and let the tax professional tell you how much your refund would be, how much it would cost, and how you could get your money back all without any obligation.


If you called your local office and answered a few basic questions, they could get your a really rough estimate as well.


Sorry I couldn't be more help.  Good luck!